Things you’ve been doing wrong all your life


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There are things you do every day, and you’ve made those habits that seem completely normal the way you do them. But no, if you know how to do the right thing instead of your usual way, your life is going to change!

Here are things that you must have been doing wrong but looks normal because we have accepted that in our daily life.

Eating Cupcake

So, we have been eating cupcakes wrong? Can you believe it?

The correct way to eat a cupcake is to remove the bottom layer, put it upside down on the frosting, and make a good, mouth-friendly sandwich.

Source: Pinterest

Watermelons should be cut crosswise

So, we usually cut watermelon in slices but it’s better if you don’t slice it but cut crosswise.

Source: Lifecheating

Bobby pins are meant to be worn with the wavy side facing down.

The bobby pin-up with the wavy side closer to your head (flat side facing up), take the hair you want to pin down within the crack and move the pin down. Enable the pin to close as you move it out.


Stop Wearing Your Earphones the Wrong Way

The easiest way to hold the earbuds in the ear is to loop them out of your ear and down so that half of the cord is over your ear.


Right Way to Chop Mango

Source: myfreshbasket

How to do Squats Correctly

You need to buckle while doing squats until your thighs are parallel to the floor.

Folding Your Shirt

It takes you very long to fold the shirts? Learn this and you can do it in 2 seconds.

Source: Pinterest

Isn’t it’s interesting?