These Indian CEO’s jointly create $1-trillion revenue!

Aman Akash

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Indian executive leading companies all over the world are really proving top leaders on global platforms. More than 50 Indian-origin CEO’s heading companies like Microsoft, IBM, Best buy and Alphabet across 11 countries creates over $1-trillion revenue as reported by Indian diaspora organization. Indian-origin CEO’s are reaching pinnacle of global success in every category they get into. The impact and execution of these top leaders are having in realm of business is quite exceptional.

Dispelling all the myths, Indian CEO’s are not only representing tech sectors but also being remarkable in other sectors like banking, consumer goods, consulting etc as well. These leaders also contributed significantly to humanitarian cause in this COVID-19 pandemic. Moreover, taking care of their employees, their management, supple chain and actively participation in sensitive issues like Black Lives Matters moment deciphering clear indication of their organization’s thought. Reaching a prominence over the time, Indian-origin CEO’s hold corporate leadership alongside other pioneers of business.

Here are top 10 Indian-origin CEO’s contributing significantly to world market capitalization in terms of revenue –

1) Sundar Pichai – $166.30 billion (Alphabet)

Top Indian CEO's
Source: Business Insider

2) Satya Nadella – $138.60 billion (Microsoft)

Top Indian CEO's
Source: HuffPost India

3) Arvind Krishna – $76.50 billion (IBM)

Top Indian CEO's
Source: FirstPost

4) Lakshmi Mittal – $70.50 billion (ArcelorMittal)

Top Indian CEO's
Source: BW Disrupt

5) Raj Subramaniam – $69.70 billion (FedEx)

Top Indian CEO's

6) Vivek Sankaran – $62.46 billion (Albertsons)

Top Indian CEOs
Source: Supermarket News

7) Vasant Narasimhan – $48.60 billion (Novartis)

Top Indian CEOs
Source: CNBC

8) Punit Renjen – $46.20 billion (Deloitte Global)

Top Indian CEOs
Source: Financial Review

9) Bharat Masrani – $44.80 billion (TD Bank)

Top Indian CEOs
Source: TD Newsroom

10) Mike Mohan – $43.60 billion (Best Buy)

Top Indian CEOs
Source: Best Buy

For all of India, its inspiring to see such great leaders representing heritage at global level. There was time when few handful of Indians led world organizations and now, you could find them in most of the sectors you put your foot into.  

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