A Photographer Couple in Karnataka built a Camera – Shaped Home


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A couple of photographers in Karnataka’s Belagavi, Ravi and Krupa Hongal, built a camera-shaped house called ‘Click’ at a cost of 71 lakh. They also named their sons as  ‘Canon,’ ‘Nikon’ and ‘Epson’.

His love for the art of capturing photographs is clearly visible in his newly designed home that resembles a DSLR camera with a flash fixed on it.

The walls of the house walls and its interior have graphics related to photography.

Image Source: Thenewsminute

“I have been photographing since 1986. Building this house is like a dream come true. We also named our 3 children-Canon, Nikon and Epson. These all are three camera names. I love the camera and hence named them on camera companies name. My family was opposed to it, but we remain adamant,” photographer Ravi told ANI.

Krupa said it was their beloved dream to build a house like a camera, and the couple also stated that they borrowed money from relatives and friends to build this home.

Here are the glimpses of Camera shaped home –

Meet the Perfect “Click” Family –

The picture of a camera-shaped house has gone viral on social media.
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Ravi said the pandemic is making things difficult. “It took a few extra lakhs for the camera design. 

Image Source: ThenewsMinute.com