Our Heroes Are Paying a Price for Their Services

The whole world is facing the toughest times in recent history. After being originated from China’s Wuhan, the coronavirus epidemic has seeped into different parts of the world. Due to this epidemic, more than sixteen thousand people have died till now not just in China but also in other parts of the world. The first thing that coronavirus is creating a state of panic, that should be completely avoided.

The coronavirus outbreak has brought our lives to a stop. While many states of India are under lockdown, there are people – doctors, nurses, flight attendants – who are working day and night to ensure our safety. Two days ago, the entire nation got together to show their gratitude to these people by clapping and ringing bells. But are these people really getting the admiration they deserve?

Many reports show that doctors and those working in the aviation sector are being discriminated against and harassed by locals. Some instances for reference are:

1. Assuming she has coronavirus, this IndiGo cabin crew member has been discriminated against and harassed by her neighbours. The crew member talks about how her neighbours think that she has coronavirus and tries to maintain distance from her and her mother. Her mother was also refused groceries in society.

2. Another video posted on Twitter showed that an Air India crew member was harassed by neighbours in Delhi.

3. Some doctors, nurses and other medical staff near Apollo Hospital in Delhi are being told to vacate homes by neighbors and landlords.

4. An Air India crew member from Mumbai has been asked by her society to look for some other accommodation.

She wrote a letter to her seniors at Air India- “Is working for a national carrier and getting back our people safely back home a crime? My society called up my husband to inform me that we should move out and manage something elsewhere as a precautionary measure. I can understand the panic around. But we definitely don’t deserve this kind of mental harassment.”

5. A doctor from Lucknow shared how his subordinate is being asked to vacate the house by the landlord.

Image source- Twitter