Maha-Shivratri 2020: Here is how Netizens reacted

Aman Akash

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A day before the new moon occurs or the fourteenth day of every lunar month is known as Shivratri. The twelve Shivratris that occur in a calendar year, Mahashivratri, which occurs in February-March is of the most spiritual significance among all. Mahashivratri is believed night of union of Shiva and the Shakti. In spiritual terms it is said to be the night of the union of nature, man of nature and man. People believe that on this day spiritual powers is awakened.

To mark the Shivratri festival, devotees wake up early in the morning and take a ritual bath or a dip in the river Ganga. After wearing fresh new clothes devotees tend to visit the nearest Shiva temple in order to give ritual bath to the Shiva Lingum with milk, water, honey etc. Devotees also keep fast on this Mahashivratri and take blessings of the lord Shiva.

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