Know what does your mole say about you


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A mole happens when cells in our skin grow into a cluster. Usually, these cells are the ones that grow throughout the skin and give it its natural color.

Both Chinese and Hindu astrology believe that moles on the human body tell a lot about a person. Your ’til’ can tell a lot about you and your human experience. Each place where it is situated suggests various meanings and interpretations.

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Mole on Forehead

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A mole on the forehead is seen as a symbol of success. But the exact location of the mole also changes its meaning. For example, a mole in the center of the head represents wisdom. This person has clear insights and is active and highly intelligent. It also points to a happy marriage. Mole on the right means that the person is going to make a great partner, whether in business or marriage. However, the left side mole denotes a lack of luck in life.

Mole beneath Eyebrows

The mole under the eyebrows indicates intelligence and knowledge. If the mole is found in the right eyebrow, there will be early marriage.

Mole on Chin

A mole on either side of the chin indicates that the individual is loving and affectionate. Mole on the chin means versatility, persistence, and stubbornness. Instead of the movement of the head, these people fall in love with the concept of flying.

Mole near Lips

If you have a beauty spot near your lips, it means that you always adhere to get ahead in life. If the mole is in the right or left corner of the upper lip, it indicates that you are a foodie and that you are in pursuit of finer things in life. If the mole is on the face, they will take care of their health. If the mole is below the lips, it means that you will have an interest in acting and performing arts.

Mole on Legs

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Another on the thigh stands for masculinity and someone who is confident and blunt. This refers to the issues of health in the forearm, most likely due to training too hard.

Mole on Feet

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If a mole is on your sole, you have the ability to be a good leader. Feet are traveling or marching, and people will be drawn to follow you. It can also signal that you will be recognized for good deeds.


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A mole on the nose means that a person has high self-respect, a true friend, and a hard-working individual. Look out for anyone who has a mole on the tip of their nose, because they are always short-tempered. A mole on the right side of the nose indicates that the person is excited and is seeking more sexual activity. Whereas, on the left side of the nose, a mole reflects a struggle.

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