How to get over A breakup

Aman Akash

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Break up or end of an intimate relationship can be a very tough experience. It is emotionally exhausting, and can also be incapacitating some times.

People dwell on regrets, sadness, and memories shared with someone whom they never wanted to lose. A person, very emotionally attached can suffer from mental disturbance and depression.  

It is much possibility a person could get emotionally trapped in the grief of losing a person and failing to actively push themselves forward in their own life.

All statements mentioned above might sound quite gloomy and distressing however, Some people may undergo the worst. But there are ways to get out of such situations and move on with life happily. Of course, getting a break up takes some time and patience to bring back the cheerful life, the one had before.

Initially, it can be difficult but it is always best to get out of such a phase as quickly as possible. As someday you shall realize that grieving over such emotion was ridiculous.

So how do we get over such emotionally trapped situations healthily?

10 tips which can help you to get over a breakup 

1.Distance yourself 

You will continue to suffer the grief unless you give up some ways to reach. Your ex can be just a few clicks away from you on any social media platforms which may bring you more false hopes and involve in unnecessary wastage of your time in stalking them. Avoid such platforms for some period till the time you can be ready to face the person back. Break all the contacts and communication you will feel better and then best someday.

2.Start planning 

Isolation is such a phase that can lead to being consumed by emotional trap and grief thoughts that can exacerbate more. Don’t allow such thoughts to prosper. Schedule some plans, start with a simple idea. Plan out to meet friends and other loved once. Plan for things you missed in your life and follow your passion.

3.Organize your space 

One of the most basic ways to feel alive and better can come from a basic step to organize your environment. Take out time to keep things, your room, your priorities more organized. It will help you to keep things sorted and relieves stress by being in a healthy environment.

4.Spend time with your family and friends 

The breakup, if looked optimistically will allow us to realize the importance of family and friends, I mean I don’t want to sound regretful but the best compassion, bonding, and love you can receive is from your family and best friends. Spending time with them can motivate you to look after other responsibilities and help you stay strong.

5.Be aware of rebound

Don’t enter into a new relationship following your breakup very quickly. Finding a new partner and moving on is good however, people often get into a new relationship very quickly after being with someone. You may get into a new relationship by masquerading your negative emotions or grief in the excitement of a new relation. But it could be more disheartening if things don’t work out well and to may experience the pain of two heartbreaks. Consider being single until you get over old times.

6.Take care of yourself

People being pretty reckless towards their physical and mental health is quite common, will which should not be, but getting isolated and losing out of the routine after a breakup can be hazardous. It may lead a person to depression.

If a well routine was not followed in your life earlier, then maybe it will be the right time for you to get on track and follow the routine.

  • Eat healthily 
  • Sleep well and enough 
  • Practice gratitude 
  • Do meditation
  • Workout 

7.Remove some memories 

Memories drag the person back in flashback and trouble one to move on and focus. It is important to remove such memory which may be in a form of gifts, pictures, and other events that drags us back to the memory lane. A person cannot see the clear and forward picture if they still hold on to the old ones.

8.Stay busy and focused 

Follow your passion and dedicate your efforts to your work so hard that you don’t get time to miss someone in your life. It will improve your focus and make your mind strong to analyze your life.

9.Talk about it

There will be a time when you can’t help enough to hold on and may burst out your emotions. The best way to handle that situation could be to let it go and drain out your emotions. Talk about your feelings to an unknown person or to anyone who listens to you and respect your emotion. This will help to release your anxiety and stress. 

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