Delhi situation is stable, only 1,000 active COVID-19 cases in the last 7 days- Arvind Kejriwal

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Mr. Arvind Kejriwal, Chief Minister of Delhi, today stated that the condition in the state is very much steady now. “The quantity of dynamic coronavirus cases in Delhi remains at around 25,000. A week ago, it was around 24,000. Delhi has included just 1,000 active cases in seven days” Arvind Kejriwal said today. The number of new cases is at standard with recuperated patients.

The COVID-19 testing office in Delhi has additionally been expanded in the capital in the most recent couple of days. “There has been a three-overlay increment in testing. The state is presently directing 18,000 tests each day, contrasted with 5,000 tests before,” Kejriwal included. certified labs are approached to start working with their utmost limit. With the assistance of the focal government, Delhi has likewise begun quick antigen tests a week ago. “Presently, the residents ought not to confront any trouble in COVID-19 testing,” he stated.

Each one of those under self-separation will be given heartbeat oximeters at their homes, to gauge your oxygen levels every few hours. When they are well, they can return it to the administration, Arvind Kejriwal said.

On the off chance that the oxygen level plunges, coronavirus patients can call the helpline number. “Delhi government has orchestrated an uncommon group with oxygen concentrators in each region. They will arrive at the living arrangements of isolated patients with concentrators if the need emerges,” said Delhi Chief Minister, Mr. Kejriwal.

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In Delhi, around 23,000 individuals have tested positive for the novel coronavirus over the most recent 10 days. “A large portion of them have no side effects or mellow manifestations. Out of 23,000 patients, just 900 patients have been admitted to medical clinics. The rest of them are under home-segregation,” he included.

Delhi has 7,000 beds accessible for the treatment of COVID-19 patients. “The focal government has helped Delhi to take on the conflict against dangerous coronavirus disease. This isn’t an ideal opportunity to do governmental issues,” he emphasized.

The quantity of COVID-19 cases in the national capital has approached the 60,000-mark — 3,000 individuals tried positive on Sunday, taking the aggregate to 59,746. Kejriwal said just 25,000 of them are active cases, 33,000 patients have just recovered.

Kejriwal additionally said that the nation is battling a two-sided war with China. “Our medical attendants and specialists are facing a conflict against COVID-19, which began in China, in clinics, and on the India-China fringe, our officers are battling. Our 20 valiant fighters didn’t step back. We won’t go down and win both these fights.”

A serological survey will be directed for Delhi between June 27 to July 10. The spread of COVID-19 disease will be checked through this for which, 20,000 examples will be gathered. “This will empower specialists to make a thorough investigation of the COVID-19 disease in Delhi. At that point, an expansive system can be set up to battle the pandemic in the national capital,” the central government said in an announcement.