Amazing celebration scenes in France by millions of French in the streets cheering for their World Cup triumph

yashwwant singh

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On 15th July, France became the second time world champions since 1998 beating Croatia 4-2 in the final match of World Cup.

The game was filled with surprises, tension, and victory celebration and somewhere there was sadness for losing. The entire game was filled with ups and downs but ended with never-ending celebration all over the world.

It was an exciting game which will be long remembered by every viewer for the terrific standard of football.

The winning team consisting of 23 men Les Bleus squad will return as national heroes following their win in France.

Many French supporters around the world were celebrating in a great spirit before and after the game along with the most powerful man in France, Emmanuel Macron.

The French president led the celebrations from the Luzhniki Stadium.

Here are some of the best pictures of Macron and French men and women across the globe celebrating the triumph of victory.



Just before raising the cup Macron kissed Mbappe the youngest player of the team before lifting the winning trophy.




Fans in the Rennes park cheering for France victory.




The capital city showed their crazy enthusiasm and cheer throughout the match.




Millions of fans gathered in the French capital, Paris celebrating and cheering for their team’s victory.



The enthusiastic fans craze and wild celebration in the Champs-Elysees.




Millions of fans celebrating their win in the World Cup by igniting fire crackers.