What is Hanta Virus and why you shouldn’t be worried about?

Aman Akash

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Its been couple of days where a news is circulating on news channels that there is birth of another virus called ‘Hanta Virus’ which took 32 lives of Chinese. People are getting mislead on this particular virus. There is fear in people due to ‘Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome (HPS)’ and it is getting in the nerve of entire country. WhatsApp has also key role to play in spreading rumours about Hanta Virus. People are forwarding the mislead information without giving any thought to it.

Hanta Virus is no doubt is a dangerous virus which can be severe if not detected in early stage. This spreads mainly due to rodents and infection comes generally when one consumes a rodent, urine or being bitten. This isn’t any new virus but it was there before. USA, Europe and parts of Asia have cases of Hanta Virus before as well.

So, in order to bust that all the rumors, here are some valuable information on why you shouldn’t be worried about Hanta Virus –

  1. First of all, it can not spread through human touch like Corona Virus.
  2. It is not a new virus as it has been present in past as well.
  3. It takes long to recover from Hanta Virus but it is not deadly as COVID-19
  4. Hanta Virus is non-contagious.
  5. However, there is no treatment of HPS but medical assistance in early stage can prevent you from this virus

How to prevent Hanta Virus –

  1. Keep rodents out of your home
  2. When cleaning do not touch any rodent’s belonging or dead mice or its urine
  3. Seal up any hole or gap if there is any in your house or office from where there is potential of rodent coming up at your place.
  4. Place traps around your place to prevent rodent infection
  5. Sanitation is also necessary in Hanta Virus as well.
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