Try these Extra Skills During this Lockdown!


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The whole nation is in the state of lockdown due to COVID-19 and to win a war against this outbreak, all we can do is staying at home.
And you must be seeking ways to keep yourself occupied during a lockdown can be a challenge, and we’ve never really had to do that before.

All the times you heard yourself thinking, “I’m going to learn this ” this is your chance to go ahead and know it.

Here are some skills you can try during lockdown –

Learn a new language

A new language, apart from social contact, can make you an engaged listener, stretch your thinking skills and help you better understand new concepts.

It’s also nice to know the new language or also if you are planning to go to some other city or country after lockdown. You can start preparing that language from now onwards.

There is no question that being able to talk easily in the local language will pave the way for you and help break the ice with many of them, which will make life more fun every day. If you already know the language of your country, a new language certainly would give you new friends.

It is refreshing and fun to learn a new language and there are many apps available that will help you to learn it.


It may not be available to all IT workers but you will definitely use this to improve your current skills. For someone new to coding, you may start online classes where you will be directed via a step-by-step instruction.


Calligraphy refers to the visual art of writing.
It’s all about precision and ability and on the internet, there are videos again that can also support an absolute beginner. Now is the ideal time to catch up with your quarantine correspondence through the dying art of letter writing.

The finished works that look beautiful at this time, putting a little smile on your face.


If you know how to cook, then It is a lifesaving skill. In this quarantine cooking will be the best thing you can do and improve your cooking skills.

Having this time to learn how to cook will save you some potential expense, keep you safe and even make you less homesick, and if you are stuck without help, you can save your life in times like today.

Makeup or Nail Art

These days, makeup is rarely worn and the time has come to finally give skincare the attention it deserves.

Due to lockdown, there is a restriction on salon visits but not our ability to feel beautiful.

So it’s the best time to try your hands on makeup as many you must be struggling in the self-care.
Check out some good youtube makeup tutorials and buzz about learning how to paint nails or some funky nail art, braid hair, shape eyebrows, etc. is non-stop.


Many people can regret not playing a musical instrument at a younger age.
It’s so difficult to find the time to pick it up as an adult, or put in the hours of practice it takes to make progress.
Now is the time to try and learn the guitar, or whatever instrument you’ve ever wanted to play.


Whether it’s painting, drawing or colouring, art is a wonderful activity to take up during lockdown. Whether or not you think of yourself as a creative person, you should give learning to paint a chance.

Check some good articles or online videos on painting tips and try your hands on paintbrush or colours.
The joy of seeing something you have drawn in front of you is profoundly inspiring, no matter how fine it may be.


With social distancing, this is a perfect time to turn inward and practice meditation on mindfulness to alleviate panic and anxiety. Meditation has many mental and physical health effects, such as relief from stress, lower blood pressure and improvements in the immune system, according to the National Center for Holistic and Integrative Health.
Utilize your 10-15 min in meditation and you will more refreshed and calm.

If there is nothing else in mind, pick a book and read. If food is body nourishment then knowledge is soul nourishment. Even the advantages of some kind of awareness never hurt. So, get this time to good use and know something.

Stay Home and Stay Safe!