Meet the Indian Navy’s First Woman Pilot


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Sub-lieutenant Shivangi Swarup, a perfect example of women empowerment as she became the first women pilot for the Indian navy. She received her “golden wings” from vice admiral V.K Chawla on 2nd December.
She grew up in Muzaffarpur in the eastern Bihar state of India, said that since she was a young girl she wanted to become a pilot.

She said – ” I was about 10 years old and I was in the place of my grandfather and there was a minister who came to meet people and I’ve seen a man flying a helicopter. It was a lot of inspiration for me. In my mind, I thought I might fly something like this one day as well”.

Shivangi joined operational duties at the Kochi naval base and she will be flying the Dornier surveillance aircraft of the Indian Navy.

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Source – CNN News, ANI