Pre And Post Holi Skin Care Tips To Beat All Your Beauty Misery


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Uff ye Holi, haye ye Holi! Truly, we know how all of you are popped up for Holi with your outfits, hairdo, and extras unblemished, and why not Holi is the celebration to relax and appreciate.

Play Holi and unfolds the colors of happiness all around. But, remember to keep couple of tips spare for your Skin and hair from unessential abuse.

Here are some pre and post holi tips on how you can take care of your precious skin, Read on and thank us later
Dawood Ibrahim
Pre- Holi Tips –

Apply Almond/ Oil

On the day of Holi ensure you apply almond/coconut oil everywhere on your Body, hair and particularly on the exposed areas. Oiling the skin/hair prevents colors from adhering to the body and makes it easier to rinse off the colors. Also, Coconut Oil / Almond oil is a rich source of vitamin E and provides nourishment to the skin/hair.

Shield Against UV

Don’t forget to apply moisturizer (use SPF 50+ sunblock) on your skin before heading out to play in the sun to prevent yourself from the harmful UV rays of the sun.

For Nails

Protect your fingernails from retaining all that Holi colors by painting it with the darkest shades possible. So Paint your nails in the darkest tint, with the goal that the holi hues can’t go inside the nail beds.

Lips should not be left out

Make sure you use petroleum jelly or lip balm on your lips respectively to keep them moisturized throughout.

Most Important

Last but not least, always wear full sleeve, covering clothes before going to get all those colors on, a physical barrier can give your skin the best protection.

Dawood Ibrahim

Post Holi Tips –

Say No to Cosmetics

Avoid using cosmetics or anything excessively too harsh on your skin for a couple of days. Give your skin a chance to heat and recover its dampness.

Use home-made face masks or scrubs to get rid of the colors. This can help nourish the skin from inside, you can continue applying these scrubs until the Holi colors are completely gone.

Cleanse Properly

Choose mild and soap free face cleansers, because they will retain the natural moisture of your skin.

Wash your hair

Shampoo your hair immediately after playing Holi. Remember to condition your hair. If your hair stays dry even after shampoo, then opt for an oil massage or hot towel treatment following day.

Cure the Damage
Apply a mixture of sea salt, glycerine and few drops of aroma oil to water to get rid of colors. The anti-bacterial and anti-fungal elements in this mix can cure the damage caused by colors to some extent.


Do share your Pre or post-Holi tips for Holi in the comment section below, Wishes you a happy and colorful Holi.