Check Out the 4 Speakeasy/Secret Bars in Delhi NCR

 “What are ‘Speakeasy’ Bars?”

Definitely, this is the first question that will come to your mind after reading the topic. Is the word SECRET means they are suspicious or illegal underground bars? Hold on, hold on, put all your speculations aside, as we have answer to this question.

The word speakeasy was first invented in the US during the prohibition era from 1920 to 1933, when the sale of alcohol was usually illegal. Speakeasies were places known for illegal boozing and they got their name “speakeasy” as here the customers were told to speak quietly to avoid police raids and prosecution. But now days this concept has taken a fabulous standing. As today, alcohol is legally and freely available in most countries. Bars and restaurants used this concept to attract customers. What attracts people is the location of these places spread by the tittle-tattle or rumours. Another conspicuous aspect of these places is their secret entrances. You are required to enter a password or a secret code to gain entree to the place.

In India, this concept has gained popularity in the recent past and attracted by the theme and the concept many speakeasy-style bars have opened in Delhi NCR. The main emphasis in these bars remains on the cocktails and drinks served. And Yes, there is no need to fear as they are no more illegal like the heyday US. These bars are legal and licensed just like other normal bars. Take a look at some of these secret or Speakeasies bars in Delhi NCR and do plan out your visit here:

1. Cocktails & Dreams, Speakeasy, Gurgaon

The first of its kind bar in Gurgaon, this place brings to you a complete experience of the 1920s Prohibition Era in America. The entrance of the bar is an imitation of a prison gate, with a slide-window and you will get a title-code that says, “Knock 3 times to come in”. Obviously, there is nothing like a prison inside the bar. Once you enter, you will find a magnificent counter stocked with tall bottles of liqueurs, intriguing brews of flavored syrups, jam pots and some books about cocktails, brews, and bartending. The bar will take you from “Golden era of Cocktails” to the “New Age” making you witness the stories of Bootleggers, Rum Runners, and Moonshiners in a present-day. You will experience a warehouse-like atmosphere with good service and value for money food and drinks. The most striking feature of this place is the wall at the far end that looks like the New York Daily Mirror newspaper cut out with an earsplitting headline, ‘Prohibition Ends At Last’. Make your visit to:

Cocktails & Dreams, Speakeasy, GurgaonSource
Address: SCO 23, Sector 15 Part 2, (Behind Galaxy Hotel), Gurgaon

2. PCO, Vasant Vihar

A true hideaway in Delhi, this bar has gained popularity for its unique entry concept. While heading towards this bar, look out for a phone booth. The bar has been designed to create the impression of the America’s 1920s-hidden bar and also includes a Cigar Lounge. As soon as you make an entry to the bar, you will find a small booth with a solitary phone box where you are required to dial a code you have received on Whatsapp, once you enter the code, a door slides open and you will be transported to Prohibition era. The underground jazz-inspired bar with dark wood, elegant chairs, and few truly fabulous cocktails catches your eye. The bar has won several national and international accolades for their unique theme, simple and wholesome food with strong and lively flavors. Vintage furnishing, specialty cocktails and waiters in suspenders are few of the things that make this place stand out from the rest and quintessential hipster location.

 PCO, Vasant ViharSource
Address: D4, D Block Market, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi

3. The Dirty Martini, Mehrauli

Taking its inspiration from the speakeasy bars that flourished in US during 1920s, The Dirty Martini is India’s first “speakeasy inspired” bar. Branch of the well-known Olive, situated near Qutub Minar, this bar was started out by restaurateur AD Singh. A back lane entry through the kitchen takes you to a stunning lower level and terrace of Olive bar. Everything that u see here is magnificent & straight from the era of period movies. The beautifully pebbled courtyard with romantic ambience created with not so bright lights, candles and comfortable seating will surely captivate your senses.

Do try Grand Margarita, Green Apple Martini, Milano Smooch, Avalanche- few of their signature drinks (cocktails & mocktails). Some of the must try dishes include the Bruleed Foie Gras, Confit Duck Leg, Paper thin crust Pizza and Vegetable Filo Pie. One of the other reason that makes you fall in love with this place is its lounge, retro and house music. A must visit place on our list.
Address: Olive, One Style Mile, 6, Kalka Das Marg, Mehrauli, New Delhi

4. The Secret Garden, Greater Kailash

In the middle of a higgledy-piggledy city, there lies a heaven of dreams, of fantasy, expectation and desires- The Secret Garden. With its back-passage entry and wonderful sound proofing, this place is one of magical land; a rhyme to the shady secrets. Just according to its name, The Secret Garden is based on the speakeasy concept will really let you enjoy an evening in peace and warmth. The Secret Garden, a garden not of flowers but of personal accumulation of dream and happiness. Join us for a classy and contemporary open-air terrace bar.

Feel yourself relaxed and enjoy the marvel with mysterious infusions, and homemade brews and liqueurs. The finely created menu carries in itself the inexplicable aromas and flavors that are bound to satisfy your taste buds. Make a visit to this classy and contemporary open-air terrace bar for a leisurely evening under the stars.


So, if you are planning to do something extraordinary for your friends or for your family, plan your visit to these places to make their day memorable. Check out their unique concepts and do write us about your experience. We would love to hear it from you!