5 Top Road Trip Destination in India

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It’s always wonderous to leave and return with new eyes. What a waste you will make of your old age if you had no adventure to relate to your grandchildren. If you wish to transcend your vegetative state, these road trips can give you a boost! Skim through the list of exotic places in India and make a checklist of where you can go. Make your own story bank. The road trippin’ is the best as it gives you the chance to explore nature and landscape at your own pace.

If you are ready to hit the road then be sure to add these destinations on your itinerary. Bike or car, we are sure you will raise a load of dust.


1. Hill station road trip

Manali to Leh is the best and most preferred road trip destination. Remember the movie “Jab We Met”? Wasn’t it amazing and beautiful? just imagine you too are going to such a road trip with your friends exploring nature.

Details: you will be covering 479 km of distance at a mean altitude and even 3-4 km above sea level. But this trip comes with terms and condition as the roads are pliable only for 5 months a year, during summers and mid-October and that too with one break in your journey for rest and acclimatization.

Manali to LehSource

2. City road trip

Pune/Mumbai to Lonavala is also something out of the box destination for the road trip. A destination picked by most of the local residents for weekend getaways. Make sure to savor ‘chikki’ in Lonavala. The picture-perfect surroundings and flourishing green foliage are amazing at calming those edgy nerves. If you are in the city and planning for a short road trip, then without a second thought go ahead with this.

Details: The expressway is 93 kms and considered as one of the best road trips. You can go by two-wheelers through old Mumbai-Pune Highway (which is in good shape). The Kinara Village Dhaba and Sunny Da Dhaba are nice eating joints on the Pune-Lonavala stretch.

Mumbai to LonavalaSource

3. How about the south India road trip?

Vishakhapatnam to Araku Valley is just like a graceful marriage of Eastern Ghats and Bay of Bengal. This destination is a sight to behold! If you are a first-time visitor, you will be overwhelmed by the pristine beauty of this city and Araku adds to the excitement, you will be totally overawed by the magnificent journey. The curves, the sweet tranquility of the hills makes it a must visit destination.

Details: The road’s distance is 116 km. You will find interesting places like Tatipudi Reservoir and Borra on the way. The right time to visit the destination is October to March.

Vishakhapatnam to Araku ValleySource

4. Best for bike road trip

Another amazing south Indian road trip is Chennai to Pondicherry. The sceneries on the way will leave you spellbound with its beauty. Chetan Bhagat has written greatly about this destination. The sea by the side of the road doubles the fun of the road trip. The changing reflections on the water make the road most beautiful one around Chennai. Be ready with your camera capture some great moments.

Details: Distance of 160 km which takes 3 hours. This road route includes Mahabalishpuram, Idaikkazhinadu, Mudaliarkuppam, Kalpakkam and Marakkanam etc.

Chennai to PondicherrySource

5. Puri to Konark on the NH-203 the best getaway

The scenic roads in Orissa will amaze you. This road trip destination is sure to drain your camera battery as it has some breath-taking sights along the way. The soft misty breeze is nothing short of heavenly. The beautiful foliage will leave you mesmerized.

Details: This one is a short and weekend perfect trip of 36 km and is coverable in just an hour making it a memorable road trip.

Puri to KonarkSource

Pack your bags and rev up your machine. Choose one of these destinations and let the roads lead you.