5 Easy Home remedy to get rid of Dandruff permanently!

Dandruff can be frustrating for the person suffering. Not only emotionally, but can be physically torturous to certain extent. Hair becomes rough and it loses the smooth shiny curls of yours. Dandruff appears for many reasons on back of it. Particularly a skin condition, where the scalp becomes the victim to produce flaking and, in some case, itching as well. Moreover, dandruff brings many hallmark conditions like skin redness, skin peel off due to excessive itching and rashes with it. However, one major issue anyone can experience is, hair-loss. Many researchers concluded, dandruff may lead to hair loss if the problem persists for long term. Rectify and confront dandruff in early stage to get rid of various problems coming your way.

While there are bunch of other ways one can adopt to get of dandruff. Some seek doctors’ advice and few go with natural home remedies. But getting things done naturally has its own charm. Home remedy has been in the nerves of Indian Culture. Indian moms can perform many home remedies for their kids to avoid pills. Home remedies has their own perk associated. There is no side-effect hanging to it, no need to pop-out pill every day, no huge bills to pay for the treatment and many more. To cure dandruff, there are proven home remedies that can be effective. Here are few listed below –

1) Curd –

A simple food item that is easily available in your home refrigerator if not buy little, curd can be your go-to option for dandruff. Having excellent anti-bacterial properties, curd can remove stubborn dandruff as well. Contains Vitamin D, rich fatty acid and Vitamin B5 which are known as super-food for a healthy scalp. To enjoy its full effectiveness, make sure it is sour in taste.

2) Lemon and Coconut Oil –

For those who have dry scalp, lemon and coconut duo can turn beneficial for them. Add few drops of lemon in coconut oil to massage gently for 5-10 minutes before going into shower. Coconut oil provide nourishment to the hair, prevent dryness and treats eczema. Lemon cuts down dandruff significantly and cleanses the scalp thoroughly giving you dandruff free hair back again. Though you have to apply this combination for a while, don’t give-up after couple of times. To eliminate anything naturally, it takes time.

3) Apple Cider Vinegar-

One must have encountered numerous health benefits of apple cider, but to your surprise, apple cider vinegar also aids cure dandruff. The acidity nature of ACV is believed to prevent accumulation of dead skin cells on the scalp. Also balances the pH level of the skin to turn down the growth of fungus. Apply twice or thrice in a week for 10-15 minutes before heading into shower. However, there is no scientific research to back this theory but it has been proven beneficial to many individuals having severe dandruff.

4) Baking Soda –

Easily available in everyone’s kitchen, baking soda is another home remedy to cure dandruff naturally. It exfoliates the skin to remove dead cells from the scalp. Reduces flaking and itching significantly. Apple baking soda directly into your wet hair and let it soak for about couple of minutes. Then use your regular shampoo to wash it off. One can experience visible change within two weeks of use.

5) Avoid Stress and take enough rest –

Stress is prime culprit for many health issues. One of them also includes dandruff. However, stress does not directly responsible for dandruff but it aggravates its symptoms. Also, more stress damages immune system to fight off fungal infection that contributes to dandruff. Make sure, you get enough sleep and rest in order to avoid any stress that you encounter. You can also try meditation or yoga to deal stress more promptly.

These home remedies can provide plenty of relief and curb down the symptoms quite easily. Try few of above listed remedies to cure your dandruff naturally. If the condition is severe, you can also club few of them to add in your daily routine. Hope, it can bring some relief and you get rid of dandruff soon.