Why staying fit is paramount in winters!

Winters have just approached and no one likes to come out of their love that is none other than their blanket! Yes winters makes us lazy and we all enjoy laying in our bed with a cup of tea to keep us warm. Winter are quite helpful in gaining weights and Keeping yourself fit in winters is quite important because in winters the blood circulation of body slows down and we usually feel lazy and less active, so it’s become quite important to do a little workout daily in winters. Exercising in winter can provide more benefit than exercise during the rest of the year, because it specifically answers our winter body needs.


Here are top 5 reasons to exercise more when the temperature drops:-

1. Summer bodies are earned in winters

If you are a fitness lover then this time is proven best to increase your muscles. In winters diet can be increased which can be quite helpful to enhance your muscles. Even if you are not fitness freak still you can maintain your body tone and improve your blood circulation with simple tips.

Summer bodies are earned in wintersSource

2. Sun is a better friend then heater

During winters we try to keep ourselves warm by heaters in our home, this is not the correct way to keep yourself fit and healthy in winters. Sunlight is a natural source of Vitamin D and 10 to 15 minutes of exercising or simply just walking can easily burn your calories and it is most convenient and simple way to keep yourself warm during winters.

Sun is a better friend then heaterSource

3. Winter can be a weight gaining season

Most people usually eat a lot when winters start and this is known as ‘winter weight gain’ period. The average person puts on up to 4 kg of weight. No one likes to get overweight when winter gets over and looks fat in the summer clothes, so it is important to keep yourself fit to stay in shape even during winters.

Winter can be a weight gaining seasonSource

4. Stop excusing and become creative

People usually start giving excuses in winters that they don’t have time to exercise or they feel cold while stepping out or going to gym. Excuses will not make you fitter so change your mind and become creative. Body weight training including some pushups, squats and lunges are perfect workouts when you don’t have equipment’s at home.

Stop excusing and become creativeSource

5. Set some goals everyday

This can be quite productive if you start with small goals every day, these goals can be from 10 minutes of walking to 30 minutes of strength training. This can be quite helpful if you start with some small targets and then turn into bigger targets. Your everyday goal can be a motivation and an alarm that you have set in mind which can be helpful for you to achieve.

Set some goals everydaySource

While there are many great workout options this winter, be sure you always stay safe no matter what you do—especially if you decide to enjoy the winter weather outdoors.