These 7 Foods Can Harm Your Body If You Eat Them At The Wrong Time

According to recent research, an average person consumes 20% more calories than their ancestors. Although people are getting more conscious about their diet, it’s not easy to get all the healthy eating rules right. Many people love to drink coffee right after waking up, but it’s actually pretty useless and is not suitable for your body. There are several other foods that we consume at any time of the day, which may harm our body and can create a problem for us. Some foods can take a long time to digest and if eaten before falling asleep may affect your sleep. Choosing the right time to eat your favourite food in order to get the maximum benefit is very important.

Here are 7 foods can harm your body if you eat them at the wrong time:

1. Nuts
Nuts are highly nutritious, high in fat, low in carbs, and a great source of several nutrients, including vitamin E, magnesium, and selenium. Eating nuts promote heart health, enhance the quality of skin & hair, normalize cholesterol level and contribute to weight loss.
But consuming them as a nighttime snack can take a long time to digest, causing problems with falling asleep, so eating them at nighttime isn’t a good option. Always prefer nuts for breakfast or as a snack between your meals to get all benefits.

2. Milk
Starting your day with a glass of milk may be suitable for children, but this habit doesn’t work well for adults. Drinking milk in the morning is difficult to digest for many and can also cause stomach aches. The best time to have a glass of milk is in the evening.

3. Bananas
Most people prefer to eat bananas in the early morning, as they are known as energy-boosting foods.
But they can actually decrease your energy levels when consumed on an empty stomach. Always try to have them after some time of your breakfast or in the day time.

4. Rice
Most Indians prefer rice as a daily meal in their households. Containing a lot of complex carbohydrates, rice generally takes a long time to digest. Eating them at night can result in weight gain and can create gastric problems for many. Day time is the best time to consume rice in your diet. It will be easier for your body to digest them as your metabolism works quite well during the day.

5. Sugar
Though processed sugar is not good for health, sometimes it is impossible not to fall into the temptation for some people. Eating sugary food as a snack can cause sugar spikes and increase your blood sugar level. If you want, you can treat yourself with some sweets just after your main meal. This way blood sugar levels will remain in control.

6. Citrus Fruits
Citrus fruits are very acidic and having them in the morning or immediately after a meal can increase acid formation in the stomach, causing a feeling of heaviness and digestive problems, and minimize nutrient absorption.
You can have citrus fruits at any time of the day but always maintain a gap of 30-40 minutes after your main meal.

7. Beans
Does eating beans make you feel bloated or too full? As beans are high in fiber, having them at night right before going to bed can cause a bloating problem and may decrease the quality of your sleep. Eating them in day time can be perfect for your body as this way all the useful nutrients will get digested.