People who made 2019 Memes a massive success!

Memesters are some creative heads who put anything ordinary into laughable content. The majority of memes are captioned photos that are intended to be funny. While some are good, some hit the sentiments of the people involved. 2019 was a year full of memes and many videos went viral in this particular year. Here we reflect on some of the best people who made 2019 memes a massive success-

  1. Pakistani Angry Fan- World Cup 2019
    India Vs Pakistan cricket match is always so tense between the two nations and each team’s fans want their team to win. India beat Pakistan in the high profile world cup 2019 match to which, this fan was left disappointed and ranted about the Pakistani players eating pizza and burger a day before.

2)Rahul Bose Banana case

In a video where Rahul bose said He was working out in the gym at the Chandigarh Marriot Hotel when he ordered 2 bananas after his workout, he was charged Rs.442.50 for it. A case was registered against the 5-Star hotel and later they were fined 25k. But memes kept flowing to what happened with him.

Seeing the outreach of the video and its popularity, brands joined in too, to gain engagement in a very sleek manner.

3) Manali Paragliding Guy

A hilarious video went viral in which a guy was taking paragliding ride in Manali. After a while, the ride turns nasty for him as the fear of height caught him mid-air. The guy wanted to land as soon as possible and bribed the pilot to make a safe landing. Some of the words he uttered, went viral and soon the memes kept coming for a long while.

4) ‘Piche toh Dekho’ Pakistani Boy

Ever since ‘Peeche Dekho’ video of a Pathani baby boy came on the internet, the video went viral and everyone loved the innocence of the cute boy who is from Pakistan. Soon, the memes came out rolling and his dialogue was being used in every meme those days.

5) Panjak Tripathi- Scared Games 2 ( Balidan Dena Hoga)

People were eagerly waiting for the Scared Games season 2 and when it came out, one of Pankaj Tripathi’s dialogues from the trailer went viral. Soon, memes carried on it and a number of posts came from every aspect somewhere referring to the same dialogue.

6) Priyanka Chopra Met Gala Dress

Priyanka Chopra dressed in haute couture Dior was one of the famous meme highlights of 2019, The ace actress went to Met Gala’s red carpet with her husband Nick Jonas. Her dress and make-up were soon picked up by memesters and photoshopped into memes.

7) Shahid Kapoor’s Kabir Singh Dialogue ( Kisne Touch Kiya)

Following the Kabir Singh success, its dialogues which were depicted into memes had also a fair bit of success. Shahid’s dialogues got many memesters excited and they did their job the best they could as these memes were seen for quite a long time.

8) Alia Bhatt’s Gully Boy Dialogue ( Mar jaega tu)

One of the most successful films of 2019, Gully Boy grabbed a lot of attention with its trailer launch, but memes followed with it as well. One of Alia Bhatt’s dialogue ‘Mar Jaega Tu’ from Gully boy exploded with memes and was very popular in that particular month.

9) Ranu Mandal’s Singing

A talent that needed to be discovered, Ranu Mandal’s signing got exposure as her soulful voice was appreciated by many. But some of the videos showed her other side after she got famous which wasn’t appreciated by the Online community and soon memes pounced on her, making fun of some of the comments made by her.

10) loose Talk Chacha

Known as Harmonium Chacha, a Pakistani actor from a chat show Loose Talk with Anwar Maqsood being the host. His ‘Abbe Saale’ dialogue made many people jump on their toes since it was filled with humor and laughter. Of late, that was also circulated in most of the memes in the last couple of months.

2019 was filled with memes all around the internet and these people were icing on the cake. We hope the coming year will be also be stuffed with laughter, joy and memes.