Justice for Priyanka Reddy : #BharatBand10December Trending all over Twitter

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Since the December 2012 gang-rape and murder case, rape and sexual violence against women have been in focus in India. Still, there has been no sign that crimes against women are subsiding.
According to the government crime figure data, there are 33,658 police registered cases of rape in India in 2017, that means an average of 92 rapes every day.

After the Dr. Priyanka Reddy rape case, BharatBand10December is trending all over Twitter. What to say after such a brutal rape and murder case, a country where girls are burnt alive a few miles from home. This is really painful and disturbing for the whole country.
In order to stop these rape cases and to create fear in the minds of the culprits, people started this campaign, and say that India should be closed on December 10 and all people should join this mission and come on the streets and ask for the hanging of Priyanka Reddy’s culprits.

Thousands of angry tweets demanding justice for her and people are demanding strict laws from the government for rape cases.