India’s Lockdown in Memes: Today marks One Year of Lockdown Announcement

Soumya Singh

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Today marks a full 12 months given that India went into lockdown after rising COVID-19 cases across the country. Through the year, we’ve viewed cow piss ingesting parties, a godman/tycoon get away with claiming his concoction would result in “100% recuperation from coronavirus infection inside 7 days”, watched thousands and thousands of migrants stroll domestic even as the other side of India baked bread and enjoyed the clear skies, questioned who exactly the PM Cares about, and watched humans shout “Go Corona Go!” to ward off the virus.

Still, alas, the virus determined to stay—and so did the memes. In a year spent looking a lot at our phones, it seemed like memes made us all journey this one giggle wave together. Sure, they made us laugh thru 2020 and now, 2021, however, memes have also highlighted our cultural moments in a way that nothing else could.

So as we bear in mind the anniversary of the event that went on to make our lives as unreal as the “everything is cake” meme, we document the memes that not simply made us ROFL between Zoom calls, on-line classes, and WFH breaks however additionally stood in for the anxieties and insecurities that the Satan’s year came with.

Here are some of the best memes of the worst year so far.

These were some of the memes the list is endless. We hope you had a good laugh. Stay tuned for the next time who knows we might experience another lockdown.