These Indian Dog Breeds Are Dying Because Of Our Obsession With Foreign Breeds

1. The Rampur Hound

Rampur HoundSource
More popularly known as the Rampur Greyhound, this beauty is native to the Rampur region (lies between Delhi and Bareily). Opposed to it’s lean look, it was a popular dog amongst the Maharajas in order to provide protection against wild animals like jackals and panthers. The dog is said to be very agile and is known for its ability to cover long distances at great speeds.

2. Tangkhulhui

These hairy beasts are natives of Manipur. These medium sized dogs are said to be very intelligent and fierce. Even though they are extremely friendly to family members, they can be aloof to strangers. This rare dog breed evolved centuries ago and as per a common folklore they are said to have evolved from the Asiatic black bear. Looking at their build – we wouldn’t doubt this too much!

3. Bakharwal (Kashmiri Sheep Dog)

Bakharwal Source
These beautiful guard dogs are native to the Jammu and Kashmir region and are an ancient breed of working dogs. They need open spaces and exercise and hence are not recommended for apartments. They are said to have been bred exclusively by “Gujjars” ( A Muslim nomadic tribe) in order to protect their livestock from predators such as wolves. According to a legend, they came into being due to a cross breeding between a wolf and some kind of a sheepdog!

4. Rajapalayam

These exotic and easy to differentiate breeds were loyal companions of the royalty in Southern India. The purest form of this breed is said to be extinct and only few mixed breeds are said to be found in small districts of Tamil Nadu.

5. Taji/Tazi

This gorgeous sighthound dog has been primarily used for the hunting of animals such as fox, gazelle, wildcat and marmot.


The lack of efforts to adopt and protect these local breeds in India is deeply saddening.