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Enduring the monthly pain, bloating and emotional hormone imbalance is the tough job, ladies.  Diet can either help period symptoms or make them worse.

To have healthy and happy periods, try to avoid these food –

Carbonated Drinks

Sugary Carbonated drinks may lead to bloating. Try to avoid them as much as possible. We would recommend you to increase the consumption of water as it will help in soothing your pain.

Processed Foods

Try to avoid proceed with food as much as possible. Processed foods contain a lot of sodium, avoid anything that comes in a packet, and you’ll keep salt intake down and your belly bloat, too.

Fatty Food

Ladies we know you love fatty and junk food. But avoid it during periods. Do not eat heavy meat and even dairy food in order to lower your fat intake.


What can be soothing like an early morning cup of coffee, but during periods you have to stay away from coffee ladies. Yes, you have heard it right! Coffee can worsen discomfort from cramps and bloating.


During periods, your blood sugar level can be upside down. By including sugar in your diet, you are making it worse by fire by letting blood sugar levels rise and drop drastically.