After a make-up artist accuses Zomato’s food delivery boy of assault, the latter alleges ‘she hit her nose with her very own ring.’

Soumya Singh

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The Zomato executive claimed to have pleaded to her for paying the invoice however the woman called him a ‘slave’. After which, the Zomato help told the man that the order has been canceled, but the lady refused to give the food back to him.  

A day after a Bengaluru girl named Hitesha Chandranee accused the Zomato transport executive of assaulting her which left her nose bleeding in a video, the character in question has denied all her claims.  

In an interview with The News Minute, the delivery man named Kamaraj, who has been suspended by way of the corporation after the complaint, said, “After I reached her door, I exceeded her the food, and I was waiting for her to pay me as she had opted for cash on delivery mode of payment. I additionally apologized since the delivery was delayed due to bad roads. But she was very rude from the outset. She requested me ‘Why are you late?’ I answered apologetically, as there were roadblocks due to ongoing civic works and there have been traffic jams as well. But she kept on insisting that the order must be delivered within 45-50 minutes. I am working on this job for more than two years and this is the first time that I have had to go via this variety of an ordeal.”  

He introduced that the lady refused to pay after accepting the order and said that she is talking to Zomato chat support.  

The executive claimed to have pleaded to her for paying the bill, however, the girl referred to as him a ‘slave’. After which, the Zomato support instructed the man that the order has been canceled, but the woman refused to return the food.  

“At this point, when I was walking in the direction of the lift, she began the usage of expletives in Hindi. She unexpectedly threw slippers at me and began hitting me. For my safety, when she was hitting me, I tried to use my hand to protect her blows. When she was trying to push my hand away, she by chance hit herself with her finger ring on the nose, which led to the bleeding. Anybody who sees her face will recognize that this wouldn’t be created by a punch. And I don’t wear any rings.”  

Kamaraj added, “the Zomato support machine in Delhi supported me and presented me empathy after I narrated the ordeal that I had to go through. The hassle is there are no CCTV pictures to show my innocence.”  

According to Joshi Srinath Bengaluru DCP (South East), the man, Kamaraj, was arrested rapidly after the makeup artist Hitesha Chandranee aired her woes and tagged the city police, who asked her to grant the important points to help her further. She narrated the incident on her social media handles on Tuesday, where her nose is bleeding, reported ANI.  

Meanwhile, the female alleged in her video, “he (delivery boy) shouted at me – ‘I am your slave or what, you are asking me to wait. I was scared so I tried to shut the door, however, he pushed the door and snatched the order from my table. He entered my house. Then he punched me and ran away.”  

She added, “It looks that after an X-Ray, the bone is broken, so surgery is wanted for the same.” She also thanked the Karnataka Police for taking care of her. Zomato soon replied to the incident via social media, apologizing for the same and knowledgeable that the delivery associate had been delisted from the platform.  

Zomato posted a story this morning on their Instagram account stating that they will get the truth as soon as possible.

In a respectable statement, Zomato said, “We deeply feel sorry about this incident and apologies to Hitesha for this horrible experience. We are in touch with her and are providing our complete support thru critical medical care and investigation. Meanwhile, we have delisted the delivery partner from our platform.”