8 sectors & business ideas which have huge potential and can be worked out in lockdown.

Aman Akash

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With so many resources and tool around us in 21st century, corona virus has slowed the pace of their life and for some it has even stopped their bread. Corona virus pandemic may stay for some longer time and may affect many people’s growth. However, if the situation can be taken optimistically by acknowledging the fact and understanding the market demand observed in this pandemic and lockdown. There are several sectors in which business or startup can have huge growth in and after lockdown.

Below mentioned are such 8 sectors & business ideas which have huge potential and can be worked out in lockdown and brief insight.

1) Video Streaming –

Low data price in our country has enabled a huge population to access video of their ease on video platform like YouTube, Instagram and also paid services like Amazon prime, Netflix etc. Developing such platform could not be a right suggestion that too with limited resource however, video streaming can fill the gap. Video streaming engages a huge audience and helps you earn enormous money. All required is, to know your favorite niche and some content. 

2. Gaming (Develop or Stream)

Before lockdown game “Ludo king” used to had around 13 million active users but during lockdown it has recorded more than 50 million active users it, making around 4 times growth. It shows the scope of game development and its users. The idea can be raised from a basic game also. But the quickest and most treading way is streaming where hobby or passion can be turned to profession.

3. Digital Marketing Services –

  • People are now more exposed to digital platforms due to their stay indoors, companies has adopted online platform for their promotions and advertisements. Also they have increased the budgets for such promotion. There is a good chance for people who know digital marketing tools such as:
  • Google-ads
  • SMM
  • SEO
  • Landing pages handling etc.

To earn and start career by providing digital services to right companies or clients.

4. Digital Health

The idea is to provide most of the health services at your doorstep and there is couple of companies like Practo and Docsapp who are working on it.  This is one of fastest growing sector in such times but the entry to this sector has major barriers as it require a lot of resources and importantly trained professionals. Also, on boarding and marketing would take some time.

5. Edtech

Education & technology Pandemic has shown the significance of online learning platform.  If there is an idea or knowledge for particular subject a person can share it via online courses or by teaching on platform like Byjus, Vedantu, Udemy etc. It is big source of revenue generation now-a-days.

6. Online Delivery

This sector with proper implementation and structure has a huge potential of growth in market. However, it requires some bigger team and network with right connections like logistics and proprietors. There is a wide range of catalog available to be served in this business.

7. Collaboration Software

These are the software’s which allows us to carry out meeting, data sharing and other corporate actions virtually. Ex. Zoom, Google meets, Microsoft team, slack, flock. There is high level of competition in this market but also there is huge demand parallelly. India having so many users of such existing apps, don’t have app developed in own nation. This would require a USP and some value addition.

8) Online Professional Service

Any services which could be catering at doorsteps can be counted in it. Already there is such huge company named Urban Clap which is providing such services. With value addition, USP and reference from such existing business model such business can have a huge future growth.