8 instances Where Indians Used Their Creativity ‘JUGAAD’ To deal With Coronavirus Pandemic

Not every time money Works, sometimes all we need is a little ‘JUGAAD’

We Indians not only do the best jugaads possible but also take pride in it. And why shouldn’t we? Jugaad may apply to a creative and a quick work-around, a method that would break the laws, or a tool that could be used in such a way. It often signifies creativity like to make existing things work, or to create new ideas & things with inadequate resources. It’s all about being a little different from the rest of the world, following the unconventional ways of doing things.

Image source- Youtube

Even at a time when our country is dealing with such a crisis, our creative methods of coping with the pandemic are at an all-time high. Here are a few of them:

1. While keeping social distance, a Jodhpur based the milk supplier used a funnel, pipe and stick to supply the milk to its customers.

2. In Kerala, an auto-rickshaw driver installed and mounted soap and a water dispenser on his three-wheeler so that people could wash their hands and then ride on his auto.

3. This Chemistry teacher made a portable ‘tripod’ to teach her students digitally through her phone. She attached her phone to a clothes hanger, suspended it between a plastic chair and a ceiling, which allowed her students to see the board during the lesson.

4. In the middle of the fields in Uttar Pradesh, these people set-up a DJ booth to fend off the locust invasion with loud music.

5. Indian Robotic Engineer Karthik Velayutham amid the coronavirus pandemic, designed a robot to run errands for him to maintain social distancing. The robot is capable of carrying up to 30 kilograms of shopping.

6. An ‘Infection Free Tap’, developed by an innovator in Leh district, allows people to wash their hands without touching anything, just by pressing at the bottom by foot, which releases soap & water.

7.  A man from Agartala designed a ‘social distancing’ bike with seats 1-metre apart to drop his daughter to school in the midst of the coronavirus.

8. To avoid physical contact with the passengers, this taxi driver in Coimbatore customized the interior of his taxi by fixing transparent plastic sheets in between the taxi.

Have you done any of your work with Jugaad in your life?