, Health & Fitness

During office times, especially in corporate jobs, people experience a lot of stress and tiredness the whole day. We spent 40+ hours/week sitting at a single place, glued to our desks which create lots of mess in our work and lifestyle. Getting yourself back on the track of a healthy lifestyle is not a piece of cake. Now the biggest question is how to keep you fit, active & stress-free all day long. Read below & find out the easiest short activities for a frisky work life:

1)  Stretching

We often do this exercise without noticing it. Sit straight in your, mingle your fingers and stretch your body towards the upside and hold your position for 3-5 seconds before releasing. Same in case of neck, arm & legs. We should do stretching at the workplace daily.

2)  Meditation

Meditation in the working environment is very helpful and requires a time of calmness where you can self evaluate your thoughts to understand them better.

3)  The Stimulating Breath

This is an advanced and modified version of Yoga Breathing exercise in which you sit straight on your seat and breathe in & out at a fast pace. Doing 20-30 seconds of stimulating breathing revitalize your body with more oxygen and calm the senses.

4)  Healthy Snack Break

We became what we eat. So eating healthy and nutritious snacks full of protein, fibre and good fats at the workplace boost your health & immunity rather than eating junk snacks which make you feel sloppy & sluggish.

5)  Drink Plenty of Water

Sitting in a fully air-conditioned ambiance does not make your body realize the need for water in your body and we don’t feel thirsty at all. That’s where we make mistake keeping your body hydrated relaxes the body & mind and you can be more thoughtful.

6)  Avoid Elevators take Stairs

Avoid elevators/lifts as much as you can if you are comfortable with that. A general walk from the ground floor to your office floor can do wonders for your body.

7)  Listen to Calm Music

Create a playlist of calm music and listen to them whenever you are in a need of stress buster. Some people often listen to high metal music to stay more active & energetic.

8)  Smile & Laugh

Laughter & Smiles make the office environment light & stress-free. It is good to share some laughs with your colleagues while working as it helps in strengthening a healthy bond between you & your colleagues.