8 clever Weight Loss Hacks That Really Work

There are a variety of diets and exercise plans that promises weight loss. But we know that following a strict routine is not an easy task and everyone cannot follow it. But managing weight can be easy by just following these simple and easy hacks:

1. Eat some salads before lunch and dinner
Eating a bowl of salad before lunch and dinner will not only help you to eat less calories from the main meal, but it is also a healthy source of fiber.
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2. Instead of walking 30 minutes, just run for 5-10 minutes
We all have heard that walking is very beneficial to lose weight, but instead try running for just 5-10 minutes. Running is more effective for losing weight, it is not so easy for people with large belly to run, but just give it a try, and see the change in your body.
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3. Use a smaller plate
Using a small plate helps your mind think there is more food in the plate, which will trick you into thinking you’re eating more. According to the movement by Cornell Food and Brand Lab’s Small Plate,
you eat 22 percent less of your meal if you start eating from a 10-inch plate instead of 12-inch

4. Get Healthy sleep
A good sleep is a key to maintaining a healthy weight. According to a research people who sleep fewer hours are more likely to be overweight. A consistent sleep schedule, a comfortable room temperature, eating light before sleep and little exercise will help you to establish healthy sleep habits.

5. Play visual-based games
This one is quite funny, but yes it is true. A 2014 study revealed that visual-based tasks like playing a game decreases feelings of cravings and could help you from eating more. Researchers say that distracting your mind with some visuals can minimize the strength of a craving. There are many android visual-based games which can help you in this.
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6. Take time to chew your food
By chewing your food slowly you’ll consume fewer calories which will ultimately results in maintaining your weight. According to researchers it takes about 15 to 20 minutes for our brains to register that we’re full, and if we eat fast we continue to eat more. When we eat slowly, we have time to realize that we’re full, and it’s time to stop.

7. Try these simple and effective home exercises
I know exercising is not easy for everyone, especially obese people finds it difficult to exercise daily. But trust me if you want to get rid of the extra body fat, you can try these simple and effective exercises at home. Mountain Climbers, Glute Bridge, Russian Twist, Squats, Planks, are the easiest and the most effective exercise you should definitely try.
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8. Eat healthy Evening snacks
Evening is that time of the day when we get extremely hungry and as a result most of the time we end up eating junk food, which we regret later. So, choosing healthy whole-food options with a lot of protein and nutrients is extremely important for weight loss. Season fruits, makhana, banana peanut butter sandwich, homemade popcorn, puffed rice, dry fruits, oatmeal pancakes, and milk oats are some healthy evening snacks, which are easily available in the Indian market.
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