6 Natural Sweeteners and Sugar Alternatives You Should Try

According to the American Heart Association, one should not consume more than 100 to 150 calories from refined table sugar. Sugar affects each and every part of the body and can be very dangerous for your health and body. It can cause diabetes, tooth decay, obesity, heart disease, and even cancer.

Sugar is not only unhealthy but is also one of the most addictive substances. British Journal of Sports Medicine had claimed that refined sugar has a similar effect on the brain as illegal drugs such as cocaine. The scientists claim that sugar alters mood and can induce reward and pleasure, in the same way, drugs such as cocaine affect the brain. Natural sweeteners are a substitute for sugar that is healthier than the refined table sugar. We will tell you about 6 natural sweeteners, which can be a great alternative for your refined table sugar.

Here are the top six natural sweetener and sugar alternatives:

1. Honey
One of the best natural sweeteners, honey is rich in antioxidants & helps raise the levels of antioxidants in your blood and high levels of antioxidants in the blood are linked to a lower risk of disease. The Glycemic Index or GI of honey is between 45 and 64 which is lower than sugar, meaning that it does not raise blood sugar levels as quickly. You can surely replace your regular table sugar, and try this natural, rich in antioxidants sweetener.
HoneyImage Source- www.irishtimes.com

2. Stevia
If you are calorie conscious than Stevia is the best option for you. Stevia is growing in popularity as a calorie-free alternative to sugar. The plant is a part of the Asteraceae family and unlike other sugar substitutes; it is derived from a plant. Stevia leaves have also been used for medicinal purposes for many centuries, and the extract has been linked to decreased blood sugar and blood fat levels in animal studies. The sweetener may also aid weight loss.
steviaImage Source- www.alimentarium.org

3. Date Sugar
Another great sugar alternative is Date sugar. Dates are naturally too sweet and can also be used as a natural sweetener. Date sugar is rich in fiber, vitamins & minerals and improves digestion, lowers cholesterol, and increases bone density. Simply by grinding the roasted dates and filtering the powder you can easily make date sugar at your home. It is also available in Indian market stores.
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4. Coconut sugar
Coconut sugar is unrefined, so it retains all of its vitamins and minerals, and it doesn’t lead to fluctuations in blood sugar. Though it almost has the same amount of calories as sugar, it is easy to digest. Rich in iron, potassium, zinc & calcium you can use coconut sugar in milk, yogurt, cake & oatmeal, etc.
coconut sugarImage Source- www.medicalnewstoday.com

5. Mishri or Rock Sugar
Taste exactly like refined sugar, Mishri is rich in calcium magnesium, iron, dietary fiber, and antioxidants. It also increases hemoglobin and improves the digestion system of the body. You can use mishri just like refined sugar in tea, coffee, milk, and juices. Just make sure to always use thread sugar known as ‘dhaage waali mishri.’
Mishri or Rock sugarImage Source- hindi.khoobsurati.com


6. Jaggery & Jaggery powder
Jaggery is the best alternative for refined sugar. As compared to the other natural sweetener, it has the maximum number of nutrients and numerous health benefits. Jaggery acts as a natural blood purifier, boosts metabolism and detox liver. It also helps in various skin problems and helps in digestion related issues and constipation.  You can consume jaggery in winters and jaggery powder in summers. Dark jaggery is the purest form of jaggery.
Jaggery powderImage Source- www.24mantra.com

These are the six best alternatives of refined sugar, and you should definitely give a try by using them and replacing your regular refined table sugar.