10 most Pointless innovations that’ll ask question to the creator why they exist

yashwwant singh

, Humour

Need is the mother of invention, but what if we tell you that there are some inventions which are made just like that. An intellectual set of brainstorming, creativity, and hard work just to make a thing which is of no use. People will hardly understand the purpose of their invention. We have collected some of the most useless innovation that you’ll not buy but definitely enjoy looking at them.

1. Shoe Umbrella

Shoe UmbrellaSource

2. Straw


3. Useless Spoon

Useless SpoonSource

4. Useless Fork

Useless ForkSource

5. Cooking Pot

Cooking PotSource

6. Handerpants


7. Watering Can

Watering CanSource

8. Hangers


9. Broom


10. Toilet Paper Hat

Toilet Paper HatSource