Success Is Determind By Your Wake Up Time

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 “Early to bed, early to rise makes you healthy wealthy and wise”  This statement is old but still holds true for most of the successful people in the world.  Are you the one who constantly get mood swings, feel less energetic in the morning and not looking fresh all the time? If you are seeing these symptoms then you must apply the above statement in your life.

Let us see how early to rise and early to bed can transform our life into a productive one :


1. Less likely to get depressed 

People who sleep late or nightowls are less likely to be married, more likely to live alone and be smokers, and more likely to have erratic sleep patterns.  Early risers are less likely to get depressed and less likely to smoke.


2. Boost productivity and more focused

Waking up early gives you a precious hour or two to accomplish tasks, more proactive and productive and helps you fall asleep and daily routine more efficiently, which explains why most successful people worldwide are early risers. The quietude of early hours in the mornings helps you set long-term goals, make better decisions, plan and gives you more energy to get through the day.


3. Better exercise with healthy breakfast

Better exercise

Not only is your mind fresher when you sleep early and wake up early, you’re also more likely to follow a fixed routine, which gives way to a healthier lifestyle. Fueling your body with breakfast, after it has fasted for 6 to 8 hours, is necessary for your brain to function to its optimal capacity as well. Also, if you tend to miss a workout because of your busy work-life schedule, this might be a good time to fit it in.




One of the best feelings in the morning is not to feel rushed.Waking up earlier allows you to start your day without feeling the need to rush, which itself breeds positivity by eliminating anxiety and stress at that hour in your life.Although people who stay up in the night for creative pursuits swear by it, they are also more likely to fall victim to depression and other psychological issues.People going to bed later are also often overwhelmed by repetitive negative thought processes, worries and subjected to more instances of sleep disruption.